It takes more than a group of individuals who own radios to be useful in an emergency --
It takes an organized team!

The Emergency Measures Radio Group (EMRG), which is located in the City of Ottawa, is made up of trained, federally-licensed, radio operators, who have made a commitment to volunteer their time and equipment in the event of an emergency.

EMRG is a local volunteer radio organization, also known as Ottawa ARES (or Amateur Radio Emergency Service). Two names, one group, one purpose.

The main role for EMRG is to provide emergency radio communications for humanitarian response organizations that do not have a radio system, lack capacity on their system, or normally rely on regular phones and cell phones.

To learn more about the Emergency Measures Radio Group, who we serve, and what we do, please contact us and visit the About Us Page.

For a list of all EMRG documentation, sorted by common topics and by alphabet, please take a look in the Library.

H1N1 - EMRG Pandemic Plan

Everyone is welcome -- please pass the message on to other amateurs!