Cross Band Repeat

It sounds easy, but it's not always easy to do!

Cross band repeaters are an excellent tool for emergency communications, to extend the range of repeaters for portables or mobiles. With a cross band repeater outside a building, a portable radio inside can have quality audio and the messages are not missed. Add a small beam and the cross band repeater can be used to provide local coverage on one band, while linking back into a remote repeater. This can be used to get out of a low area or to cover greater distance.

This can be the difference between getting the full message "NO FIRE" or just getting the last word!

There are five important points to understand about cross band repeating.

  1. ALL repeater users should count 1001, 1002, before talking, after they press the PTT switch.
    You may not know that someone is using a cross-band repeater, but if they are, they will not hear the first part of your message, unless you wait 2 seconds after pressing the PTT switch before you talk. This allows time to bring up the regular repeater and for that repeater to bring up the cross-band repeater.
  2. In bidirectional repeat, repeater tails will lock you out until the tail drops.
  3. Amateur radios are not designed for heavy use. Know how to set up your radio to minimize transmit power.
  4. Use CTCSS to keep out intermod or other users on the same frequency.
  5. PRACTICE - PRACTICE - PRACTICE. Most radios have crossband as an add on, but not a well designed feature.

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