Packet Radio

Packet Radio is still A Viable Emergency Communications Solution, Which Is Much Better Than Voice For Sending Lists Of Information.

Packet Radio use has been in decline since the early to mid 90s, as the Internet became common place and the typical 9600 baud Packet Radio backbone links connecting cities and towns together couldn't handle the load.

While many hams believe packet radio is dead, it still has incredible value for emergency communications, if viewed as a method to provide a wireless link for the "Local Loop" or "Last Mile" to shelters and other key emergency sites.

The EMRG objective for Packet Radio is to build a dedicated emergency network within the City of Ottawa, to support communications between permanent and temporary emergency sites. The network must be simple to operate and easy to maintain. This will be a controlled network with limited users, designed to provide direct communications, from point to point.

EMRG is not trying to revive packet radio or re-build the pack network that once existed in Ottawa. The EMRG network is intended to provide the best operation possible for its dedicated task, which is providing emergency communications within the City of Ottawa, from shelters, the Red Cross and the EOC. EMRG would like to thank the packet operators in the Ottawa area for keeping the 145.030 MHz frequency dedicated for this task.

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