Packet Radio Links

Terminal Software

WinPack - Windows terminal program with lots of features
ARESPack - Written for ARES groups (Older DOS Based)
PTerm - Windows based, but requires AGWPE
FNPack -Windows based, written for Amateur Emergency Communications
UISS Packet Program - Written Primarily for ISS, can be used for other applications

Specialty Software

AGWPacket Engine (AGWPE) - Freeware Version and Pro Version
Additional Info on AGWPE TCP/IP Setup (Not for Pro Version)
FlexNet Group in Darmstadt, Germany
US Flexnet Network - Northeast Flexnet homepage
Dutch Site With Flexnet Downloads

Packet Radio Information Sites

BUX COMM - Lots of links and info on packet radio, connections etc
Sound Card Packet Plus Lots of Info On Getting AGWPE To Work

Amateur Emergency Communications Packet Networks

Michigan Emergency Packet Information Network (MEPIN)

Equipment Manufacturers Information

Kantronics Version History
Kantronics TNC Modifications and Fixes
Timewave Technology