EMRG Web Site Redesign


Web pages should:

  1. be easy to find in the menus (intuitive)
  2. download quickly -- even with slow dial-up Internet connections
  3. display correctly on high- and low-resolution monitors
  4. allow the size of the text to be changed
  5. print correctly on various paper sizes and page orientations
  6. be viewable in French via the Google Translator TM
  7. be easy to transfer, with little or no modification, to a new Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  8. be easy to maintain by novices without the need for purchased software -- i.e. be updateable by a simple text editor (such as notepad) or free "WYSIWYG" editors (such as Mozilla Composer, Open Office, etc.)


  1. Most of the existing web pages have been converted from Visio to plain HTML -- pages now download faster, display correctly, and print correctly with various user-selected font sizes
  2. Most links have been converted into "relative" links to simplify the transfer of the web site to a new ISP
  3. Directory structure has been simplified -- which unfortunately has caused some images and links to be broken
  4. Some broken images and links have been fixed
  5. Some menus have been reorganised to simplify navigation
  6. Web pages have been checked with I.E. and Mozilla web browsers


  1. Structure of the Technical topic needs to be improved
  2. Miscellaneous topic contains a bunch of unrelated documents that don't seem to fit anywhere -- "Miscellaneous" documents need to be moved and/or new topics need to be created
  3. Contact Page -- what should it contain?
  4. "Overlapping" documents need to be reviewed and, possibly, refreshed
  5. Broken EMRG links (caused by the restructuring) need to be identified and repaired
  6. Broken Internet links need to be identified and repaired or removed
  7. Web pages need to be checked with various browsers (Netscape, Opera, etc.)


Prototype EMRG Web Site:

Current "Official" EMRG Web Site:

Note: Google Translator is a trademark of Google Inc.