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This section of the web site is a collection of information regarding EMRG radio infrastructure, projects and technical ideas. This is not just a collection of neat links from the Internet. EMRG has either tried, or thought seriously, about all the items listed.

Headphone - Speaker Splitter and Volume Control

One of the most useful and simple additions for an emergency communications situation, is a headphone control box that allows two headsets and one speaker to be connected to a radio speaker jack, with individual volume controls for each. Here is the document with the plans, and parts list.

Standard Radio Interface - SRI

EMRG has many different radios and different pieces of accessory equipment, so there is an infinite number of possible interface connections. In order to be able to swap equipment in an emergency, extra interface cables for each combination would have to be built in advance, labelled and stored.

The solution to connecting different pieces of equipment together is to define a standard interface and build cables from each piece of equipment to the standard interface. Implementing a standard interface will allow radios and peripherals to be swapped as required in an emergency. This means that if a radio fails in a phone patch, another radio equipped with the standard interface can be used in its place, without having to make adapter cables in the field.

SRI Document: EMRG-210_Standard_Radio_Interface

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