Projects Introduction

EMRG has ideas and equipment for a number of projects to enhance our radio communications capabilities. These ideas are being packaged into projects that can be distributed to EMRG members, or any local Amateurs who are interested in helping.

Some projects will be structured to provide an opportunity for people who want to help and learn, to work with other Amateurs with more experience. While the final objective is to improve communications, this project effort also has the opportunity to help Amateurs learn new skills and share their knowledge and experience, which is what Amateur radio is all about.

The purpose of this page is to identify some ideas and projects that are being thought about and which will hopefully be prototype and developed into repeatable and deployable solutions. EMRG members can get involved if they are interested and other amateurs can ask questions or provide their input to the ideas. There are people working on the Packet Radio project and the Audio Distribution now, but more help is always useful.

There are lots of things that can be designed and built to make emergency communications much better. Most of the projects require a bit of research and testing. From this, you can create a design that brings the best of several projects together to make the best solution for your situation. If you have any comments, send an e-mail to

All of these projects cost money and most cost more than the average amateur can donate. These projects are special solutions that would be deployed at a few locations, not something everyone needs. Amateur Emergency Communications groups can outline a project and get sponsorship from local organizations or businesses, the Red Cross, your local Municipality and local amateur clubs to help cover the costs.